Student Contributors

Jacob McIntosh:

I started working with the Asheville Digital History Working Group during my last semester at UNC Asheville in January 2020. I choose to work on this project based on my experience with WordPress web design from several other history courses I took while at UNCA and my growing interest in local Asheville and Western North Carolina history. I previously worked with the Morse Family Chimney Rock Collection and have maintained a blog through several semesters’ worth of classes.

I will be graduating with a history degree and plan on pursuing a Master’s program a year after graduation. One of my goals is to develop my senior thesis, which discussed the Special War Problems Division’s detainment of enemy aliens during WWII, into a book and add to the scholarship of the war on the home front.

Outside of UNCA and history I volunteer with Manna Food Bank and the Asheville Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). CAP does disaster relief and search & rescue for the local, state, and federal government. CAP has a Cadet Program that I direct at the local level.

My career goals are to be a professional pilot. I started flight training in March 2015 and got my Private Pilot’s Certificate in 2017. Since then I have been working on instrument and commercial flight training, as well as flying for CAP.